About Utilibiz

Industry experience

  • We have extensive government experience coupled with relevant technical and management expertise. We also have private sector experience covering a wide range of projects and roles. We are pioneers of collaborative contracting for government in Australia. The principals are civil engineers with extensive experience in the planning, design and construction of infrastructure and buildings.

Specialist knowledge

  • We have specialist knowledge based on actual collaborative contract experience gained through establishing, supporting and managing relationship based contracts for government agencies and from the extensive research undertaken on relationship and alliance contracting strategies. Utilibiz is able to offer clients in depth and informed advice on all legal and commercial matters relating to collaborative contracts, and assist clients in selecting sound legal and probity advice.


  • The principals of Utilibiz have diverse and sound experience in general and project management in government and the private sector as well as in the development, implementation, management and facilitation of a diverse range of major contracts. The experience has been in all stages of the project lifecycle, from strategic planning, through procurement planning, to contract development, proponent selection and contract award. We also provide ongoing relationship development services for contract partners.


  • Utilibiz offers flexibility through the ability of its principals to work with clients to tailor solutions to meet the client's specific needs, commencing with innovative procurement strategies. We are able to offer this because of the wide and specialised experience the principals have gained developing the contracting process. This background has been used to develop the templates for ECIs, project alliances and service alliances. Because of their deep understanding of the collaborative approach, the principals have also been able to modify the legal and commercial framework and the selection process for clients to meet their specific needs.

Professional relationships

  • We have developed sound professional relationships with specialist consultancies, providing breadth and depth of resources. We can provide resources to assist in the key complementary organisation and contract services including legal services, organisation change management, project management, asset management and performance management.

Sustainability focus

  • We are committed to assisting clients to achieve sustainable business solutions. We are pleased to work with clients with a strong customer service focus, providing commercially viable solutions with the minimum environmental impact. We strive to ensure the strategic link between organisation objectives and contract performance. This approach ensures the clients funds are focussed on delivering outcomes that directly contribute to the achievement of its strategic objectives.

Commercial and contract frameworks

  • Utilibiz can offer clients totally integrated and relevant commercial advice to ensure that financial and business risks are identified, and sound business solutions are adopted for tendering, contract negotiation and final contract award. We have extensive experience in the development of agreed margins, contingencies, risk/reward frameworks, performance models and payment methods. We also offer support in the contract negotiation process.