Utilibiz is a proprietary company wholly owned by Australian Performance Associates Pty Ltd and Adema Pty Ltd. The company's directors and principal consultants are:

Paul Taplin


Paul Taplin has an extensive background in transaction services including utility management, strategic and business planning, performance management, asset management and contract development. He is a civil engineer with specialist collaborative contracting expertise, together with extensive experience within the public sector in operations planning and development, and market and business planning.

As a director of Utilibiz, Paul has been actively involved in infrastructure transaction services, including the pioneering development of relationship-based contracts,  project alliances, program alliances, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) contracts, and long term service arrangements. He has also worked closely with several major contracting companies in their pursuit of alliance and collaborative contracts.

Paul directed the Water Corporation's first Operations & Maintenance Alliances in 1995, and again directed the re-bid in 2002, and assisted in the following re-bid in 2010. These $50m pa alliances were the first utility service alliances in Australia. They have now been in operation for 18 years, and the model has also been adopted by several utilities across Australia.

Paul has recently assisted Main Roads WA in procurement planning, tender development and proposal evaluation for the $1.2b Gateway WA project.

Paul has also assisted the Public Transport Authority in procurement planning, tender development and proposal evaluation for the $300m Perth City Link Rail project, the $200m Perth City Link Bus Station project, the $35m Aubin Grove Station project and the $100m Stadium Station & Rail project.

Paul was also engaged to assist Main Roads WA in procurement planning, tender development, proposal evaluation and subsequent benefits realisation surveys for the redevelopment of Main Roads WA’s statewide operations and maintenance service contracts, the Integrated Services Arrangements (ISAs), comprising seven parallel contracts across the entire state.